Keep informed of the rules for using the Free Lofi audio library.
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Pricing & usage


No tiers. No royalties. No subscriptions.

Personal-use and commercial-use projects are both allowed.

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For everyone

Free for creators, streamers, YouTubers, podcasters, and even businesses. music is free to use for everyone.

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For everywhere

Free for use in an ad, in a podcast, in your video projects, in social media, in a restaurant, or in a store. music is free to use everywhere.

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Giving credit & showing respect

Attribution is not required but is always appreciated.*

If a fan or a viewer asks you about the music, be honest about where you got the music, and lead them to

If you’d like to provide credit, here is a format suggestion:
Free Lofi by Delano T. Jarrett (

*Due to some creators using just for content to repost in playlists, it is now required to provide attribution in such projects.

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Prohibited uses

Do not resell the music. Do not claim you created the music. Do not use the music to discriminate. Do not use the music to promote violence. Do not repost the music on a stock music service. Do not share or distribute audio files.

If you wish to promote or share a musical work, advise the individual to visit

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A purchase is never necessary to use the main albums in your projects.

If a musical work is available for purchase, like a sound pack or audio bundle, it is for those who wish to support the growth of the library. If you ever choose to support the library with a donation, thank you so much for giving.

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Content ID

Audio tracks on are not registered with content ID or other sound fingerprint services like Audible Magic. Mistakes can happen though as these services are not perfect, so if you receive a strike/claim/mute, please get in touch ASAP.

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License agreement

Keep yourself informed with the license agreement.

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Frequently asked questions

What is is a free audio library for content creators. It is a collection of copyrighted music by me, Delano T. Jarrett. I intend to create a mutually beneficial situation where content creators can get free music, and I can also raise awareness of my brand. If free resources like Free Lofi bring you value you may enjoy Dreams To Journeys.

Where is this music from?
The musical works you’ll find on have either been produced by me, or created by a ghost producer. An ideal future for would be attaining a constant stream of donations that would enable me to commission more audio tracks.

What is royalty-free music?
Royalty-free essentially means that the content can be used without the need to pay royalty or licensing fees. is here to provide you with music that is free to download and use forever. So not only can you download an album for free, you never ever have to pay additional fees to keep using it.

Can you explain how copyright works?
I am no expert, but here are some links to keep yourself informed:
Copyright Tips To Stay Informed
Creative Commons Website

Is this music copyright-free?
No. The music on is copyrighted music that you are allowed to use for free. Be aware of services that lure users with the term copyright-free, when their license says otherwise. There are actually a few popular music services that are guilty of this. The music library being copyrighted helps to deter fraudulent activity. Thus ensuring more people get to use this service.

What is Content ID/Audible Magic?
Music services often use a system called Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube. Services like Twitch may use a music recognition system called Audible Magic. Music on is not registered with Content ID or Audible Magic. will not acquire any monetary gain from your YouTube videos, Twitch streams, or any other projects you make with music. These systems are not perfect though and may mistake certain songs for others. If you ever get a strike, or muted, please get in touch as soon as possible.

What happens if I get a copyright strike?
Please contact me as soon as possible so I can investigate what went wrong. The content ID system is imperfect and can make a mismatch; it will be important to know what song is causing an issue. It would be extremely rare for me to file a copyright strike as there are very few restrictions for using the music on A possible reason would be if someone is reselling the music, or is using the music to promote violence or discrimination against a person or group.

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