FREELOFI.COM is a free royalty-free music library for content creators. 

It is a collection of copyrighted music by Delano T. Jarrett.

He intends to create a mutually beneficial situation where content creators can get free music, and he can raise awareness of his brand.

Ideally, as the streaming revenue of FREELOFI.COM music grows, so shall its library.


I mean no offense to the sanctity of low fidelity music, but I’d rather spare my visitors from the tedious task of pressing dashes.

FREELOFI.COM is far cleaner than FREELO-FI.COM.

Copyright-free and royalty-free are constantly misused terms.

Royalty-free essentially means that a customer only has to pay a licensing fee once. Once they have, they can use the music for as long as they wish (within the terms of the purchased license).

It does not mean free. And it does not mean free of copyright.

FREELOFI.COM is here to provide you with free royalty-free music.

Here are some links to keep yourself informed:

Copyright Tips To Stay Informed

Creative Commons Website

To avoid copyright issues with services, always make sure you keep a copy of their license terms.

Every download of music on FREELOFI.COM comes with a license agreement.


The music on FREE LOFI is copyrighted music that you are being given permission to use. 

Beware of services that lure customers/users with the term copyright-free, when their license says otherwise.

FREE LOFI music being copyrighted helps to deter fraudulent activity. Thus ensuring more people get to use this service.

Music services use a system called Content ID to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube.

Music on FREELOFI.COM is not registered with content ID.

FREELOFI.COM will not acquire any monetary gain from your YouTube videos, or Twitch videos, or any other projects you make with FREE LOFI music.

Please contact me as soon as possible so I can investigate what went wrong. The content ID system is not perfect and can make a mismatch and it will be important to know what song is causing an issue.

It would be extremely rare for me to file a copyright strike as there are very few restrictions for using FREELOFI.COM music. 

A possible reason would be if someone is reselling the music, or is using FREELOFI.COM music to promote violence or discrimination against a person or group.

Anywhere as long as your usage of the music doesn’t promote violence or discrimination against any person or group, and you’re not selling it as standalone music.

Can I use this music on YouTube or Facebook? Yes.
Can I use this music on Twitch or YouTube Gaming? Yes.
Can I use this music in a theater or movie? Yes.
Can I use this music in a restaurant or store? Yes.
Can I use this music in an ad? Yes.
Can I use this music in a podcast? Yes

Can I download this music, and then sell it on my site? No.
Can I put together an album, and sell it through a distributor? No.